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iCerts makes delivering Condo Certificates of Insurance easier than ever.  By utilizing our state-of-the-art, self-service cloud based delivery platform, evidence of insurance (EOI) certificates are ordered and retrieved by the requesting party, 24/7 on-demand.   Let us show you how!


With changes in competitiveness, insurance agents must react with compressed margins, while operating their businesses more efficiently.  And automating Master Policy Certificate of Insurance fulfilment is the best way to make an immediate impact to your bottom line!

“iCerts is dedicated to being the leading “self-service” master policy Certificate of Insurance processing company with a model based on reducing agency costs and increasing revenue”

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Condo Certificates Insurance master policy certificate download in pdf

Transform your Master Policy EOI Certificate Process

With iCerts.com

iCerts works with any insurance agency who offers master policy EOI Certificates to their condo community associations book.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, iCerts.com offers agencies a remedy to their evidence of insurance process while maintaining efficiencies without compromising service. At the forefront of these advantages, are touch points with clients and lenders, and how their needs are managed by our service.

Also consider we were designed to securely automate the entire HOA evidence of insurance process, while statically converting all of your evidence of property insurance policy data to standard insurance forms, delivered in a PDF format.  Thus, allowing your agency to control every bit of policy coverage that goes out to those who are requesting an EOI Certificate, as nothing can be changed, modified, or edited by anyone but your staff.

Choose From Industry Standard or Custom Certificates

Automated Certificate Delivery Platform


And Don’t Have An Account…


Once the policy data is entered into iCerts, your work is complete (unless the policy renews or coverage’s change). Simply re-direct each new condo EOI certificate request back to iCerts to be fulfilled on-demand.

  • Centralized data repository
  • Robust reporting and tracking features
  • Reduce overhead and staffing resources
  • Put your resources onto other revenue generating activities
  • Value Add: Free annual renewals to unit owners
  • Minimized condo EOI certificate turnaround times
  • No Annual fees or costly software licenses and/or plug ins
  • Secure: iCerts utilizes the strongest encryption available
  • List management tools allows your agency to grow your business
  • Send sample H06 proposal and flood dec’s with every certificate order
  • Auto-notify feature to agent/producers with soon to expiration associations
  • And much more…

“iCerts is dedicated to being the leading self-service Condo Certificate of Insurance processing company with a model based on reducing agency costs and increasing revenue”


 iCerts provides condo evidence of insurance services all across the country, and understands the urgency with community association certificate of insurance requests.  So we deliver on those requests 24/7/365 on-demand!

With iCerts, your agency will no longer compromise performance demands just to maintain your competitive advantages. This starts with your internal resources, who will no longer be burdened with community association certificate requests, because we support this entire process on your behalf.

Best of all, iCerts is a free service to your agency. Ask us how!


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Born in the heart of Southern California, iCerts.com was designed by insurance professionals, for insurance professionals who recognize the value of automating and simplifying the evidence of property insurance process.

Specializing in condominium condo certificate of insurance and evidence of property insurance, we understand the time and effort required to produce a single certificate manually.


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